Sofar Sounds

Bring the magic back to live music

Sofar Sounds is reimagining the live event experience through curated, secret performances in more than 350 cities around the world. The line-up for a concert is not disclosed until the event starts, but it’s always in extraordinary venues. The location is announced 24 hours before the show. It creates an immersive experience that brings guests and artists closer together. 

For this edition, our tasting room was the stage for 3 bands that all played 30 minutes. Even though our tasting room is still under construction, the atmosphere was very intimate. The audience was sitting on the floor around the musicians, like they always do during a Sofar Sounds event. Everybody was quiet and left their phones in their pockets, as they were asked to do. The creators of Sofar Sounds want their audiences’ full attention for the show, as nowadays people are often talking, laughing and looking at their phones during live music events.

We were glad to have the very first live music event in the Faam and are very excited for many more in the future. You can expect a lot more live performances and events in this fantastic space once we have finished building it in the new year.