Juice Punch V8


We are about to brew the last iteration of Juice Punch for this year. We promise it’ll be an absolute banger of a beer!  

With V7 we went the classic route with Mosaic and Enigma. It resulted in a NEIPA with hints of white wine, grapefruit and mango. V8 will feature a unique hopprofile that we haven’t come across yet. Hopwise, we are using AU35 (experimental hop that has been making waves in the industry), El Dorado (an instant classic with notes of pear, watermelon, stone fruits and even candy) and the exclusive Galaxy. For the yeast, we again chose for London Fog. Maltwise, we slightly tweaked the % of the malts but didn’t swap out any of it. Also please note, we are only KEGGING this batch! Got any questions? Please don’t hesitate to shoot us a message! 

So, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the recipe, I’d like to clear the air about some stuff that has being going around. Since V5, we have been dealing with a lot of problems regarding oxidation in specifically our bottles and cans. As you might know, we are still contract-brewing our beer until our new brewery is up and running. This means we have no full control over the entire process, especially on the packaging. We are working with those breweries on a week-to-week and even a day-to-day basis to get the best quality. Juice Punch is an especially delicate beer to brew and package, which makes it not ideal to contract. We spent an insane amount of time troubleshooting all the issues we had and still we haven’t found the right solution.

Therefore, we decided NOT to package Juice Punch in cans until those problems are resolved. We’re very sorry about this decision because that means the most bottleshops will miss out and you guys cannot take the beer home with you in can or bottle, but we strive for the best quality and sadly, we cannot guarantee that right now in cans or bottles. Bottleshops with a growler station can order kegs and make sure people are able to fill their growlers with the beer. BUT! As soon our own facility is up and running, expect to have Juice Punch back in cans again. Until that time, go to a pub near you that has it on tap or come down to our taproom and try it there! We’ll also take it to every festival for coming months. We are looking into putting it into growlers so you can still take it home. You can help out with getting Juice Punch in cans again by buying a share in our brewery! We have still two weeks to go and the rewards are pretty awesome! Invest here: www.crowdaboutnow.nl/frontaal

In short, V8 is a New England IPA with AU35, El Dorado and Galaxy, it’s fermented with White Labs 066 and clocks in at 54 IBU with an 5,9% Alc content. 

V7 is planned to be kegged on the 28th of November and the second batch a week later, and we’ll release it during Billies Crat Beer Festival in Antwerpen (BE). Again, we are going to try our best to have all the beer delivered to all the bars as fast as we can!



OG: 1059

FG: 1011 (estimated)

EBC: 8,5

IBU: 54

Alc: 5,8%


Maltprofile (V7):

Pilsmout (Dingemans) 66,3%

Oat malt (Thomas Fawcett) 20,8%

Carapils (Dingemans) 5,0%

Maltodextrin – 7,9%

Maltprofile (V8):

Pilsmout (Dingemans) 66,3%

Oat malt (Thomas Fawcett) 20,8%

Carapils (Dingemans) 5,0%

Maltodextrin – 7,9%


Again, some changes to the malt bill! We noticed that the London Fog is a beast of a yeast, so we had to up the maltodextrin to ensure that the beer didn’t dry out too much. We are sticking with the pilsmalt, as it gives a cleaner maltprofile.  The Oat Malt is slightly upped in hopes it leaves more protein and haze in the beer. 


Current waterprofile: (V8)

Ca+2 – 54

Mg+2 – 3,9

Na+ - 37

Cl- - 30,5

SO4-2 – 23

HCO3- 218

Desired waterprofile:

Ca+2 - 80

Mg+2 - 5

Na+ 25

Cl- - 200

SO4-2 - 100

HCO3- 0


For the last 4 versions of Juice Punch, we always sticked with a 1:2 sulfate/chloride ratio. This time we really upped the chloride and kept a 1:2 ratio with the sulfate. The theory is that this will create a really fluffy and pillowy New England IPA. To counteract the sweetness, we also raised with IBU with 8 points, mainly with First Wort Hop additions. 


First Wort Hop: (60 minutes)

Summit (0,6kg - FWH – 14 IBU)

Whirlpool: (20 minutes)

El Dorado (5,5kg – Whirlpool – 30 IBU)

AU35 (2kg – Whirlpool – 5,0 IBU)

Galaxy (1kg – Whirlpool – 5,1 IBU)

Current hop profile coldside: 

AU35 (4kg – Dryhop 1 – 4 days)

El dorado (4kg – Dryhop 1 – 4 days)

Galaxy (2kg – Dryhop 1 – 4 days)

AU35 (4kg – Dryhop 2 – 4 days)

El dorado (4kg – Dryhop 2 – 4 days)

Galaxy (2kg – Dryhop 2 – 4 days)


The V8 features three hops this time, El Dorado, AU35 and Galaxy. You might know El Dorado, which featured in V3. It exhibits bold tropical fruit flavors, said to be reminiscent of pineapple and mango, in addition to a resinous back note. On the nose, it imbues aromas of pear, watermelon, stone fruits and even candy. AU35 is an experimental hop with a really limited availability (there were only three harvests of this hop this year). AU35 is known as an Amarillo killer, it exhibits extreme tones of peach and passionfruit. Galaxy will act as a counterbalance with it’s light pine notes. On top of that, it has an amazing citrus, peach and passionfruit aroma, especially when used as a late addition.

Mash / boil / whirlpool

Mash: 60 minutes at 66 C, heat up to 75 C and hold for 15 minutes. 

Boil/whirlpool: Add first wort hop during transfer to boil kettle, 60 minutes boil, add whirlpool hops at 85 C and hold for 20 minutes.


For the V8 we are using Summit hops as first wort hops. This will prevent the wort from oxidizing on the hotside. General rule of thumb is: IBU’s from the FWH can be 25-35% max. of total calculated IBU’s in a beer.



Juice Punch V7 showcased the London Fog for the first time and we absolutely love this strain. This strain is a great choice for New England-style IPAs as it produces a medium-ester profile similar to WLP008 East Coast Ale Yeast and leaves some residual sweetness, which helps accentuate both malt and hop flavors and aromas. 

Fermentation starts at 18 C. With earlier batches, we chose to let the temperature freerise towards 20C and keep it at that temperature till it was done fermenting. With this batch, we are going back to letting the beer freerise to 20 C, ensuring a healthy fermentation. Since last version, we have access to a hopgun, meaning we get a better efficiency from our hops and the dryhopping will go a lot faster. 

With the V7 we did the following: 

“We are coldcrashing to 0 degrees now, we keep it at this temperature for at least 4 days to ensure most big hopparticles are out of suspension. We don’t have access to a centrifuge anymore, so we are really keen on getting all the hop out of suspension.  


V8 is packaged on 20L keykegs no cans. Co2 per gram/liter is 4.7, this keeps the beer from overly carbonated, which decreases the drinkability of the beer.  


A New England IPA is a fragile beer. Because there’s no hop added during the boil, there’s little to no hop isomerization. This makes the beer incredibly susceptible to oxidation. Please drink this beer as fresh as possible. Also keep it at 5-7 C at all times. We go through great lengths to get the beer as fresh as possible to all bars and bottleshops. We also strongly encourage all bar- and bottleshop owners to sell the beer as soon as possible. 

As always, got any questions and/or want to buy the beer? Send us a message to  [email protected] or [email protected]